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What Services Does the Palm Beach Institute offer

Drug and alcohol abuse can have serious effects on your life. As an addict, you may start experiencing problems with your health. Your relationship with members of your family, spouse and friends start getting strained. At your place of work, you find it hard to concentrate on the tasks assigned. In extreme cases, you lose employment and cannot bring yourself to get another job. If you do not do something about it, you could end up feeling depressed. By now people are avoiding you and even your family does not know what to do with you. Fortunately, all is not lost. The Palm Beach institute is a center that is dedicated towards assisting drug addicts.

Here’s what you can expect from the facility:

Detoxification programs

This is meant for patients who are addicted to alcohol, cocaine, heroin and other highly addictive substances. Detoxification involves a process applied in order to flush out the drug from an addict’s bloodstream. This leads to withdrawal symptoms which if not well taken care of can lead to relapse. The affected person can quickly get back into the same habit you are trying to kick out. Under the care of qualified and experienced staff, victims are taken through treatment. There is also a team of counselors who help the affected person deal with the effects of withdrawal from drugs.

Treatment for adolescents and young adults

Parents are particularly shaken by the knowledge that their children are on drugs. The revelation will upset and make you feel angry and helpless. You fail to wonder what you have not been giving your child. It also brings shame to the family especially when you think of how people respect you. Fortunately, Palm Beach Institute provides teenage drug rehab services. The program targets children aged between 12 to 17 years of age. The facility is located in serene environment where teenagers will feel at ease. The experts address issues such as the effect of peer pressure and family background.

Drug rehab for adults

Rehabilitating a grown up is not easy. This is somebody you can choose to ignore saying that after all it is their life and not yours that is being destroyed. Nevertheless, you can sit and watch as your spouse, brother, sister and other family member gets into a self-destructive mode. Palm Beach Institute’s Olive house provides residential alcohol and drug rehab treatment for adults. The capable resident team dedicates their time to teach grownups about the disease and help them get into a recovery program.

The services offered at the rehabilitation institute use a holistic approach where the drug addicts work together with their care givers. So long as the affected person is willing to change, rehabilitation becomes very easy. Palm Beach Institute is located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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