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What is Body Contouring

You want to lose weight, but you’re not interested in undergoing an invasive procedure. For many, body contouring may be an option for you. Body contouring is classified as a noninvasive cosmetic procedure called ultrasound lipolysis. You may even have heard it called by other names like ultrasonic cavitation, high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) or noninvasive liposuction. Regardless of the term used, the process is the same. A cosmetic surgeon uses HIFU to burn layers of fat directly beneath your skin.
Ilipo Chicago: Where does the fat go?

During the procedure, your surgeon continuously makes lesions in the targeted fat areas so your skin’s layer isn’t harmed. In fact, the cold laser only penetrates a few inches under the skin. The High-intensity ultrasound energy targets the fat and destroys the cells beneath the skin. Some patients feel a prickling or tingling feeling that is either warm or cold during the procedure. The complete surgery takes about one hour. Some of the fat cells are drained. However, some of the cells’ contents are allowed to drain into your lymphatic system as triglycerides.

Once the procedure is over, you can’t eat or drink anything for about two hours. This allows your body to start burning the triglycerides. The fat tissue disappears via a natural healing process which takes eight to 12 weeks to conclude. In other words, your metabolic system removes the treated fat cells. The way it happens is that the triglycerides break down as your body metabolizes it. After the triglycerides are metabolized it becomes waste. You flush it from your body as urine.
Is there any discomfort?

Yes, there may be some pain or discomfort after the procedure. Every patient is different. However, there are some side effects associated with body contouring such as:


• Redness.
• Bruising.
• Swelling.

Many patients have considered the side effects mild to moderate.
Is body contouring treatment right for you?
On average, patients typically have one body contouring treatment. A single treatment will reduce your size about one dress or pant size. However, results vary from patient to patient. With less body fat, an individual looks slimmer and sleeker. His or her waistline seems more contoured.
You should consult ilipo Chicago if you have any questions or concerns about undergoing body contouring. Whether you are a good candidate is based on many factors a cosmetic surgeon determines during an initial consultation.

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