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Teaching Your Kids Brushing Habits

When you first have children, you are so in love it is unbelievable! You had no idea prior to their birth how much you could love another person.

Then they begin to crawl around, walk, talk and get into things. And although you still love them, you wish that they had an off switch.

You also wish you could just download information into them. Like the fact that dog food isn’t really good for them and that they’d be better off if they didn’t play in the toilet.

But you can’t download information into them. You have to teach them.

Right about the time they start to get into things, they also start growing teeth. This results in the need to brush these tiny pearly protrusions. Genesis Dental recommends brushing as soon as their teeth erupt.

There can be a lot of anxiety over the brushing of teeth for toddlers. Think about it. Do you want someone brushing your teeth? Neither do they. It is uncomfortable at best and it can be painful if not done correctly.

Here are a few things that you can do to make the brushing of the teeth just a little bit easier on all of you.

Before you ever start brushing their teeth, let them see you brush yours. Even if you decide to use one of those little rubber infant tooth brushes, let your child see you do it. It will make it seem like routine. It is just something we do. Any parent knows that their children pick up on the parent’s habits. (Good and bad.) Brushing your teeth in front of your child will help them to mimic that habit. It will be a lifelong benefit.

Next, talk to your child about what you’re going to do. “I’m going to brush your teeth just like I do mine.” Explain that you’re not going to hurt them. It might tickle a little, but they’re not going to be hurt.

Then, in order for you to help them to become independent people, you’re going to let them know that once you are finished brushing their teeth, they can have a turn. This will give them the pride of doing a job and since you already did it, you know they’re clean.

Don’t let them bite on the tooth brush because that will ruin it very quickly. If they decide to do that, just simply tell them that biting is the way we brush our teeth so you’re going to have to put the tooth brush away now.

Staying calm during brushing their teeth is crucial. If you want it to become a lifelong habit, it is best to make it as pleasant an experience as possible.

Sticker charts, points, and prizes work, but if you set up a foundation of trust and patience as Genesis Dental recommends, brushing their teeth won’t be a chore. It can actually be a very comfortable learning time…for both of you.

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