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Occupations Involving Dermatology


Are you planning a career in dermatology? Many people do not know that there are quite a few different options in the field of dermatology. Some require college education where others can be done with training school education. All occupations involving dermatology will center around conditions that impact the skin.

A dermatologist must attend medical school. They can study a large range of different programs include pediatric dermatology to teledermatology. Some will focus primarily on cosmetic dermatology where others focus on immune system diseases. A pediatric dermatologist will aid in treating young patients suffering from a variety of skin ailments. At such a young stage, children’s skin can be susceptible to a number of skin diseases. A doctor can choose to open their own private practice or join the practice of another doctor. Hospitals often have positions needing pediatric dermatologists to assist in diagnosing and treating skin conditions in infants, toddlers, and young children.

Cosmetic dermatologists will focus on diagnosing, treating, and restoring skin. Many of their patients come to them with skin conditions they feel are embarrassing. They can range from minor problems like varicose vein treatment to face lifts and microdermabrasion treatment. Individuals seeking major face lifts often seek out treatment through a plastic surgeon. Some dermatologists will be able to perform simple face lift surgery. A procedural dermatologist is one that will deal with the invasive treatments. They must attend surgical school to receive their proper training and education.

Teledermatology varies with their treatment options. They have a unique way of working with their patients as they actually discuss problems with patients remotely. They will view their medical information via a live-chat camera. This allows the doctor to diagnose minor skin ailments remotely. The only downside is that it can be hard for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis since they do not see the patient’s skin in person. Some people need to go in for a follow-up treatment if the doctor is not 100% sure in their diagnosis.

Some people suffer from skin problems around the genitals. Genital dermatology will provide diagnosis and treatment options for these individuals. Many of these diseases will relate to sexually-transmitted diseases and sexual health. Another branch of dermatology is immunodermatology. This area will cover the pathology and structure of immune-related skin diseases. Chicken pox and lupus are two examples of skin ailments the doctor will focus on improving. Some doctors are able to do testing on their patients to find new treatments for serious skin diseases.

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