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NYU is a Great Place to Attend College

New York University, or NYU is an elite university with campuses in Manhattan, Africa, South America, and other domestic and foreign locations. The main campus is located in Greenwich Village, and is known for it’s tradition and history of graduating some of the world’s best, and most creative writers,artists, and musicians, as well as popular intellectuals. New York University was established in 1831, and today boasts of being one of the most well known, and largest private universities in the United States.

Prospective students can find just about any liberal arts study at New York University. Academically, few colleges offer the wide array of degree programs, with elite level teaching and instruction, like what is offered at this university. With over 25 possible degrees available, and 2,500 courses of instruction available, students can satisfy a wide range of academic requirements. While the university is considered large, students enjoy the fact most individual colleges are small enough to provide the intimate setting, and personal contact with staff most students desire.

Not many universities are located in an area as well known as Greenwich Village. So many popular writers, musicians, and artists have passed through Greenwich Village, that it is known all over the world, with visitors coming into the area on a daily basis. The community within Greenwich Village is known for its creativity, and the university follows the tradition by having a campus with no fences or walls,and one that is in harmony with the community.

Internationally New York University sets the bar for American Universities. NYU boasts of being the first large United States global network university. With a location in Abu Dhabi, the university rises above the competition, with other campuses in Paris, France; London, England; Tel Aviv, Israel; and Madrid, Spain to name a few.Students who attend the international campuses are exposed to the same high level of research ability that the university is known for.

The faculty at NYU is considered elite, and at the top of their profession. Cultural diversity, and fresh ideas are the focal point of all staff members, and the instructors at the university are expected to maintain a high level of creativity, intellectual stimulation, and academic excellence, providing an atmosphere top students will continue to seek.

New York University continues to stay at the top of academic institutions. With a perfect location, reputation of high standards, and people committed to maintaining the excellence, New York University will be around for many centuries to come. Students are encouraged to compare what the university has to offer against what similar institutions of higher learning are offering. Leaders at New York University are confident students will find the university hard to beat.

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