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Humidity and Healthy Hair

Most women have an innate desire for shiny, healthy hair. However, when living in hot humid places, like Pembroke Pines, Florida, it’s not always easy to keep hair stylish. Many women rush to their favorite hair salons looking for a quick fix for their unruly hair, without realizing the true cause of the problem.

How Humidity Affects Your Hair

Although a strand of hair appears to be one long and flat piece of string; it is in fact, shaped more like the scales on a fish. These scales are the cuticle of the hair. Hair loves moisture and will open its arms, or should we say cuticles wide for it. Humidity is literally moisture in the air. Therefore, when hair encounters a humid day, it reacts by opening its cuticles to receive all of the moisture. Since the hair cannot soak up all of the moisture in the air the cuticles remain open leaving the hair strand looking either frizzy or flat, depending on the hair type.

Tips For Managing The Frizz

Hair that is naturally thick tends to be dry by nature. The best way to combat that frizzy look is to give your hair what it needs, moisture. Start off by using a moisturizing shampoo followed by a light conditioner. Try not to use a hair dryer as they only rob the moisture from the hair. Instead, use a leave on conditioner in your hair and let it air dry.

Tips For Giving Life Back To Flat Hair

Hair that is naturally fine tends to go flat in humidity because it can’t handle all of the moisture that is in the air. The humid conditions weigh it down causing it to look flat. One of the best things to do with flat hair is to avoid as many hair care products as possible. Use a light shampoo that adds body and keep hair clean of oils and dirt as much as possible.

Best Hair Styles For Humid Places

If you live in a humid part of the world having, the right hair cut can help you keep beautiful tresses, without the stress. For those with naturally dry hair that tends to frizz; go for long tresses. The weight of the hair will help hold down some of the unruly parts that have escaped the conditioners. If your hair is fine and goes limp at the first sign of moisture; a layered cut will add bounce and lift to the hair.

Most stylists at your local hair salons understand hair structure and effects humidity can have on it and can offer great assistance.

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