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How To Set Up An Alaris Infusion Pump

Alaris pumps are designed for the delivery of fluids, medications, blood and blood products using continuous or intermittent delivery for adult, pediatric or neonatal patients. Set up of the Alaris pump can be easily achieved with the following steps.

To begin, you must first power on the brain portion of the Alaris pump by pressing and holding the “System On” button located on the front of the Alaris pump. The screen on the brain portion will display a message asking “NEW PATIENT?”. Select yes or no with the buttons on the side of the display.

Next you will be prompted to enter your patient ID, which can be achieved with the use of the buttons surrounding the screen as well as the numbers under the screen, and proceed by selecting confirm. The screen will display a message asking if this is critical care, select yes or no.

Next, each pump portion of the Alaris pump module will be assigned a corresponding letter (A, B, C or D). Press the channel select button on the pump portion, and the Guardrails Drug Library will display on the screen of the brain. Select “Basic Infusion” and enter the administration rate (RATE) and volume to be infused (VTBI).

Now the Alaris pump is ready to have the tubing placed inside. After the tubing set is properly inserted into the infusion bag, and all air is removed from the tubing, proceed with opening the pump by lifting the arm on the bottom face of the pump. Be sure to remove the blue protective sheath from the pumping segment of the tubing. Once removed, the exposed section is to be inserted into the Alaris pump by holding the upper fitment above the receptacle at the top and lower it into the receptacle. The grooves in the fitment will sit square in the upper fitment tubing retainer once properly inserted. Ensure the tubing is straight without any twists or entanglements, and insert the safety clamp on the pumping mechanism in the lower recess with the arrow pointing into the Alaris pump module. Ensure the tubing following the safety clamp is firmly pressed into the back of the Air-Line Detector with your fingertip, and proceed by closing the Alaris Pump module housing and lowering the lower latch.

Open the roller clamp on the distal portion of the tubing from the Alaris pump and verify no fluid is flowing through the drip chamber located proximal to the Alaris Pump. Begin infusion by pressing the start button on the brain.

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