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Getting Denied by Social Security

md3One of the things that comes with applying for social security disability is the inevitable denial that is going to come with it. A lot of people go out and try to apply for benefits, only to find out that they are denied, despite being sure that they are in fact disabled and qualify. A huge amount of people do not seek representation, which truly is a big mistake. In fact, what happens a lot of time is that people go out and apply for social security disability benefits, while under the impression that they are disabled and have a good chance of getting benefits, only to get denied, which leads them to give up. Most of the time these people would have gotten their disability benefits if they had a lawyer to represent them, who would have explained to them that this is a normal part of the process, and would have helped them file an appeal. If you want to get benefits, you are going to likely get denied at least twice, and put in an appeal at least twice. This shows the court that you are serious about going as far as it takes in order to get your benefits, so you really need to stick it out and have a lawyer that is backing you through this process.

Your lawyer will absolutely let you know that you are going to get denied and if they don’t, or if they simply do not mention anything about this at all, you should probably drop them as your lawyer and get a high quality lawyer, like one of the attorneys at Myler Disability. An attorney that specializes in these types of cases will know that you are going to get a denial in the mail and should not only inform you that this is going to happen, but should put your mind at ease. They should be explaining to you that this is simply part of the process and that just because you have gotten a denial in the mail, you are not going to be denied your case outright.

The appeals process is simply something that just about everyone has to go through, so do not let this turn you away from getting your benefits. Eventually, somewhere down the line, you will have to go in front of a judge and prove your case, which you will do with you lawyer sitting right next to you. They will have helped you to devise a plan to go in with, which should help you to get your disability benefits, so it is absolutely imperative that you get yourself a great lawyer, well before applying for social security disability benefits.

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