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Cocaine addiction

I used to think that addiction only was connected to what would be considered by society as bad or negative things. Yes it is true that when most people hear the term addiction they will probably think of things such as drugs, alcohol, gambling, pornography, or video games. This is true, and all of those are very common forms of addictions. However, I have come to find out over the past recent years that addiction can also sneak up on an individual within good habits as well such as sleeping, exercising, and/or eating. One might not automatically think that sleeping, exercising, or eating is bad, but in excess, those good things can have negative effects on your body. I have seen an individual who made it a goal to exercise every day simply to lose a few pounds and get in better shape. Well, she got addicted to exercise as she saw the pounds disappear and her energy increase and did some real lasting damage to her body that she can’t reverse. Simply put, an addiction is the continued use of something or continued behavior despite adverse dependency consequences. It is when a person keeps doing something and feels trapped and can’t get out. One deadly addiction is cocaine addiction.

Cocaine is a purified extract from the Erythroxylum plant where it grows in South America. There are two main forms of cocaine which are: powdered cocaine that users inject or snort and crack cocaine that users smoke. In all three manners, the drug is quickly absorbed into the blood stream and heads towards the individual’s brain. In the brain, cocaine interferes with neurotransmitters causing what is known as a high. The brain isn’t the only organ that cocaine negatively impacts. For instance, cocaine is also destructive for the heart. It increases heart rate and blood pressure therefore able to cause heart attacks or arrhythmia. Another aspect cocaine affects that you might not know about is sexual function. Although many falsely believe it is an aphrodisiac, it actually makes you less able to finish what you start. It affects both men and women after prolonged usage.

When you think of overcoming addictions or recovery most people initially think of treatment centers if it is a severe case, or maybe 12 step programs if they feel that might work better for their situation. I am a huge proponent of treatment centers because I have seen the difference they can make in peoples’ lives. Women cocaine rehab is one example. The treatment center is located in Southern Florida so it is within a nice setting and the patients are encouraged to enjoy therapy and treatment outdoors in some instances. Among women struggling with a drug addiction it is a popular choice. They have over 50 years of experience treating women who are struggling with addictions and they use both traditional methods and a holistic approach to therapy. They understand that drugs can have a negative affect on an individual in many different ways. They care about their patients and give them individualized treatment. So if you are struggling with a drug addiction such as cocaine, consider contacting them today and see how they can assist you in getting your life back.

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