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Choosing a Doctor

If you are like me, you are picky about which health care professionals you will go to. You want to make sure they know their stuff, you can trust them, and you get great care. I personally have a fair amount of healthcare issues, so I have spent considerable time interviewing doctors and seeing different specialists to find who can give me the best care and who I feel most comfortable with and that I can trust. So how can you find a great physician?

First of all you can ask family members, friends, or close and trusted associates for referrals. Chances are at least someone you know has a great physician that they like and are pleased with. If you are new to a particular area, perhaps ask a local pharmacist for a recommendation on who is a great doctor in town. My husband and I are in this boat right now. We recently moved across the country and don’t know a single soul out here. We might try asking the pharmacists for a recommendation as a way to start our search. The American Dental Association or ADA has a website where you can look up dentists as well in various areas. If you have health insurance you are in luck because you can contact your insurance and get a few names of physicians who are local and covered by your particular plan and then make consultation appointments with them and check them out yourself. This is an easy and helpful tool insurance companies are happy to provide. Then you also know that whoever you see is covered and you aren’t shocked by a large bill at the end.

Ultimately you want someone who you are comfortable with because your health is a long term investment. Other considerations you may have include the convenience of the doctor’s office and hours of operation, what sort of educational background the doctor has, what is the doctor’s approach to preventative care, does the doctor regularly attend conference or trainings to keep himself updated on the ever changing world of healthcare, are they easy to get ahold of in the event of an emergency and are they covered by your insurance plan? These are just a few basic areas to focus on when trying to find a great doctor for you and your family.

Family medical center seattle is a great place to start if that’s where you live. The physicians in this group of doctors have the belief that forming strong relationships with patients is vital in establishing a foundation for life-long trust and healthcare help. They focus on pediatric health, adolescent health, women’s health, gynecology, men’s health and even sexual minority issues. Furthermore the group is able to give treatment to more specific health care concerns such as: minor surgical procedures, management of obesity, no scalpel vasectomies, botox, hair removal, sclerotherapy and even can help treat spider veins. Bottom line is that they provide comprehensive care for families that is high quality. Give them a call today and see how you as a patient can benefit. 

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